EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies has a group of Functional Areas that carry out their activities with a view to supporting all the Group’s companies and projects.

These activities are carried out by EPISER and they share the common goal of guaranteeing the quality, efficiency and customisation of its services with the objective of fulfilling business units and companies needs.

These Functional Areas currently include Administration (Accounting, Finance and Human Resources), Technology (Software, Hardware and Communications), Supply Chain (Logistics, Quality Control), Quality Assurance and Corporate Image.

The result of all these Functional Areas is the design and implementation of an advanced, dynamic, transparent corporate management model that helps the entire organisation to rise to the challenge of continuous improvement and constant professionalism.

We should mention the use of tools such as the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model, the BSC (Balanced Score Card), the Quality and Procedures Manuals based on the ISO 9001 standard, the Canvas Model, the Data Warehouse and the complete proprietary design of ERP to permit our staff to achieve the professional “state of the art” in the company’s sector of activity.