Value-added services

Consulting and Design solutions

We work together with our customers’ engineers, providing knowledge on our products and their performance in numerous applications and settings. We design customised pieces according to customer needs and we have access to the best manufacturers on the market. Working with these experts guarantees that we are constantly provided with the latest products and materials, as well as being aware of market standards and certifications.

Performance analysis and cost savings

We provide advice to our customers on performance analysis of their facilities and equipment, optimisation and scaling of their key components, and improvement and cost savings in maintenance. This is achieved through tried-and-tested methodologies and providing the necessary information and reporting to evaluate the results of our suggestions for improvement.

Manufacturing and Supply

Adapting our products and services to customers’ needs involves knowing how to combine our own manufacturing capacity, customised manufacturing by third-parties and distribution and supply of products from premium and world-leading suppliers, in addition to an extensive base of small and medium-sized specialist suppliers in occasional solutions for niche or high-value-added products.

Handling and Treatment

Manufactured products often need to undergo handling and treatment processes to respond to specific, customised customer needs.

Within this extensive range of options, we would highlight those related to logistic treatment, such as kits, laser marking of parts, personalised labels and packaging, etc., as well as those related to the technical treatment of the product, such as surface treatment of fastenings, cut-to-measure belts and chains, torque-wrench calibration, etc.

Logistics and Inventory Management Solutions

Speed, flexibility and efficiency have always been key in the development of our logistics knowledge. A wide range of items and customers creates a service model based on hundreds of thousands of lines of service per year with a high level of excellence.

This internal capacity has allowed us to develop Inventory Management Solutions for our products and components in our customers’ facilities, which currently include Kanban “two-bin” systems, vending-machine systems and RFID stock-control solutions.

Repair and Refurbishing

We are able to repair and/or refurbish a component when justified by its replacement cost, through our own resources or in collaboration with partners who are certified by our quality system.

One of the products most in-demand on the market is the repair of Mechanical Seals and Cartridges for process pumps and agitators&mixers. The characteristics of these products and their applications make this service a key element in the relationship and trust of our customers.

Maintenance services

The industrial market trend has evolved towards partners who provide complete solutions, not only in the consultation, design and supply of a piece, but also in the installation and subsequent maintenance in the plant.

Some noteworthy examples include the installation of lubrication equipment and subcontracting agreements for inventory management of products and consumables in the plant.

Our Group maintains a proactive vocation to providing and creating solutions to these ever-growing needs. We are always there for our customers and always provide improvements for their products and processes.

Education and Training

Our vocation goes beyond relationships between industrial product and service providers and our customer base. We have knowledge of the product and its applications, as well as a specialist team, to be able to offer standard or tailored technical and practical training courses as part of our services, whether at our training days or in-company.

MRO International Product Contracts

The wide range of EPIDOR Technical Distribution products and solutions allows us to offer Supply Agreements for products and components for Plant Maintenance throughout the national market. Thanks to our participation in the ONE network, we can also offer these Agreements to multinational companies in other European countries. For more information on ONE, see