Maintenance customers are those that use our products and components for the operation of their equipment, installations and machines.

Our experience of more than 65 years in all industrial sectors has allowed us to create a team of experts to provide the most appropriate solutions in the maximum possible number of applications.

The cooperation we provide is targeted at Manufacturing, Plant Maintenance, Material Procurement and Supply Chain departments.

Large product and service portfolios suppliers, reduction of supplier portfolios and if possible, the outsourcing of maintenance and procurement services are real market needs.

In such scenarios, EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies is currently developing a full range of services related to the supply of our products and components, the simplification of their management process and the study and provision of advice on the equipment installed, with a view to searching for improvements in performance and cost-savings.

EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies can deal with these customers through its Spanish company EPIDOR Technical Distribution. Its strategic approach is focused on management, based on proximity to industrial customers that use a wide variety of products and mechanical components.

Our international partners network allows us to attend to the needs of multiplant and multicountry customers in relation to pan-European supply contracts (see