The Original Equipment Manufacturers is the customer that requires our products for the design and manufacturing of its products. In such cases, our value contribution is in the assistance we provide in designing and manufacturing the best product for their market. This implies intensive cooperation in order to understand the technical needs of the product to be manufactured and the comprehension of the competitive characteristics and benefits that this product must comply with in its market.

Our cooperation is targeted at these customers on their Technical, Engineering, Product design and Prototype departments and obviously, the Procurement and “Supply Chain” departments, with a view to defining the standards related to price, service, deliveries, programming, installation kits and also the definition and preparation of spare part kits in order to provide after-sales service to their customers.

The presence of our Group’s subsidiaries abroad facilitates the expansion of our advisory and support services in other countries.

EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies has a vocation to provide service to these customers from our product specialized companies, and in particular in cases when such specialization requirements are highly demanding.